Ranga Re (English) song lyrics | Fitoor movie

Lyrics of Ranga Re (English).Fitoor movie gave Ranga Re (English) song lyrics in 2016 year by Amit Trivedi, Caralisa Monteiro.Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire in year 2016 for Ranga Re (English), music by Amit Trivedi Music Director.Amit Trivedi gives Playful Songs for Fitoor Music.

Picture name : Fitoor
lead role : N/A
Song : Ranga Re (English)
Musician : Amit Trivedi
Release year : 2016
Singer Name : Caralisa Monteiro Amit Trivedi
Lyricist : Swanand Kirkire
Genre : Playful Songs

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Lead in Fitoor movie is N/A.In year 2016, Movie Fitoor released.Ranga Re (English) song by Amit Trivedi, Caralisa Monteiro for Fitoor movie starring N/A composed by Amit Trivedi in 2016 year with Swanand Kirkire lyrics.Song from Fitoor by Amit Trivedi, Caralisa Monteiro is Playful Songs type.


Ranga Re (English) lyrics

on the flor geting dovn tonight
to tel you hov i fel
so much love i canot fight back no more
i fel you burning inside of me
leaving me in this misery
give me a sign that you are mine

you make me fel so alive
every time ve touch
i vana knov hov you fel right nov
i ned you hold me for the elysium
svetest kis i ever knev
give me a sign that you are mine

tujhe nasebon se main chura lun
tujhe apni sanso me main jagah don
teree rag rag me aj beh ke
main mere fun ko jhila du, main jhila du

hoke teree julfon se utre rat
rok lun ye lamha
ke tere honthon se chu ke aj
chu lun ag
main ranga re
o han main ranga re
tere rang ranga re
tere jism me main ghul gya




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